The Squires of Dimness

Over on the North Side, I post comics based on the non-Trent [with_teeth]-era members of Nine Inch Nails. It’s titled The Squires of Dimness after a lyric of the Tori Amos song “She’s Your Cocaine” (you sign prince of darkness, try squire of dimness). But I try to make these comics where anyone, fan of the band or not, can enjoy them. So the characters eventually begin to be their own with each new comic.

I hardly ink anything I draw, let alone the comics. But here I’ve pulled out some pens and gave them some use on this Squire C -one of the four Squires – drawing:

Squire C

I’ve adjusted the contrast with Photoshop so those bothersome overlapping squiggles won’t show. I’m rather pleased with how it came out, seeing as I’m still an amateur when it comes to inking anything. But anyhoo, Squire C and the other characters from the comic have gone through a few “facelifts” since they’ve first appeared. Check out the comics from the beginning and you’ll see how, over time, their limbs became fuller, heads rounder, and their statures more relaxed. And, in Squire C’s case – hair is drawn better.

But the Squire of all Squires is none other than Squire North. He’s the youngest, shortest, and most likely the most doodled out of all the characters. I really enjoy drawing him in action – jumping, running, anything where his knees are bent. Shortly after drawing Squire C, I sketched this unfinished drawing:

Squire North in action

That expression on his face was the result of accidental, I’m-not-really-thinking movement of the pencil. If I ever were to finish this drawing, we’d see him wielding a guitar, but I doubt I’d ever finish it.


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