Knitting, Rice porridges, and Daisy Chains

I really have to mention the girl who inspired me to start up this blog. Arlette’s sucka sc: knit & crochet blog. Go check it out. It’s awesomely full of her current projects and she shares patterns for all you folk who are crafty at knitting.

I’ve been such a big baby about my whole wisdom teeth extraction that happened a few days ago. So, of course I’ve been eating soups and ice cream for a few days. After getting tired of eating the same instant rice porridge, I decided to make my own as I usually do when I crave congee. Usually that stuff’s eaten in the morning, but I prefer to eat it any time of the day. The recipe I follow is just another variation of the typical Chinese congee with my own touch:

chicken broth – I don’t exactly measure, but say about 4 cups
cooked rice – a cup and a half, about
slivers of ginger – which will be taken out
dashes of soy sauce
furiake – any kind
ground pork rinds – these can be omitted if you’re not a fan of pork rinds
nori snack
togarashi – I love this stuff. It can be omitted if you’re not a fan of spicy flavors

So, of course, bring all this to a boil. After about, oh, five or so minutes, lower the heat down to a simmer, stirring and adding seasonings to your taste. You may have to add more broth, or water if the rice begins to absorb most of the liquids. And, in an hour or so, you’ve got a wonderfully hot, tasty porridge. Garnish with more furiake, or better yet, fried wonton skins!

Since the beginning of this blog, I’ve been meaning to talk about the daisy chain beaded bracelets I make. It started with a bead set I bought a long time ago that was on sale. It had patterns on how to make a few various bracelets. My particular favorite was the pattern to make beaded flowers. Back then, I was beading with plain thread. Later on I moved onto elastic chord. The funny thing was, I’d make these things but never wear them. These days I wear a red/black and red/sky blue combination of bracelets. Most of them are given to friends – and I’d have to thank them since they’re, in a way, advertising the goods. I’d also have to thank them for providing me with the beads – whether they be new beads or unwanted seed bead jewelry that I take apart and turn them into something more appealing.

Daisy chain bead bracelets Daisy chain bead bracelets

What I love about using the elastic chord is that it makes the bracelets easy accessories to slip on and off. They look great in pairs or threes, or even accompanied with other bracelets such as leather straps or those gummy, rubbery kinds.


2 thoughts on “Knitting, Rice porridges, and Daisy Chains

  1. How do u make these bracelets?? they’re fantastic!!!…please i want to know the steps specially these flowers in them,please

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Here’s a site that has a diagram. It’s got pretty good instructions:

    You can use any kind of thread (I prefer clear, elastic beading thread). When the instructions get to the beading the flower part, instead of 4 purple (or any color you like) beads, I bead 5 purple before the yellow. Then I add 3 more instead of 2 when closing the flower. Hope that helps!

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