Shameless North Side Promotion

I’ve been slowly making peace with Photoshop these days. And the results, so far, are in forms of icons and web banners. As mentioned in the North Side forum, I’ve made these in the theme of plum – in the month of February, plum trees are chock full of blossoms. I’m still entertaining the idea of continuing the theme of the Three Winter Friends – plum being one of them among pine and bamboo. But anyway, while these “pieces” are small, it was a great way to play around with the program, futzing around with the abundant tools other than the usual cropping and simple layering.

NS icon NS icon in plum NA icon

The accompanying banners I’ve made can be seen here and here. Please DO save them and use them (I promise the borders aren’t as thick as the blog displays them). Alls I ask is a link back to here or the North Side blog.

I haven’t been up to much in terms of doodling except for a scrap I’ve uploaded onto my deviantArt page. It’s a small study of facial expressions of the character Squire North.

Squire North Expressions

Many of you know my biggest influence on my drawings is none other than Jhonen Vasquez – creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Invader Zim. But as of late I’ve been inspired by the likes of Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl and Gorillaz) and the style of the greatest cartoons of all time – Looney Toons. It’s a great excersise to develop his hilarious expressions. I’d like to think drawing the squire’s teeth as big as they are in the left-most drawing came from watching a lot of Bugs Bunny cartoons…and seeing Aaron North’s actual teeth.


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