Mini Squires, NS icons, and the fate of the railroad

Here comes troubleOver at the North Side, I’ve posted, what I call a Mini Squires comic. I came up with the idea of limiting myself to just four panels in the hopes I could come up with someting witty or remotely funny by the end.

While it’s nothing conceptual, I felt that the idea had a fluxus feel to it – that while I limit my physical space, leaving the contents up to chance really expands everything else. I can imagine a comic artist for a daily or Sunday newspaper would put him/herself through something similar as they’re probably only limited to a certain amount of space.

But anyway, this mini comic is the first in a series I’ve already begun. A few more are on the way, and hopefully more will be posted in the future.

And now on to more shameless NS promotion. I’ve decided to continue with the Three Friends of Winter theme with bamboo and pine icons and banners. With the bamboo theme, I didn’t want to make the icons too green as some of the green would have to be reserved for pine. I was hoping to create a stalky, or even misty fog feel.

Bamboo NS icon Bamboo NS icon Bamboo NS icon


Pine NS icon Pine NS icon Pine NS icon

One of the only ways I could kind of make the themes distinguishable was to use the grain texture filter in Photoshop. The vertical grain was used for bamboo in the hopes of a subtle stalks of bamboo feel while a very soft horizontal grain was used for pine. Of course, it’s rather hard to tell as these icons are tiny.

The film in the black and white disposable camera’s almost done. I managed to snap a few photos of the long, defunct railroad around my area – some where the railroad isn’t fully paved, and some where the pavement’s sloppily covering the non-traffic-obtrusive parts. I’ve even snapped a few photos of old railguard signs painted on the street as well as posted on an electric post. I can stupidly say it felt like a safari hunt. But as soon as I get these photos developed, I’ll post them here along with my looooong explanation of what, where, and why (and maybe how).


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