Anne vs. Illustrator

Squire C in IllustratorAfter having Illustrator sit in my computer for ages, and after battling with it, I’ve finally made some sort of peace with it. For some reason I just can’t explain I’m a retard-and-a-half when it comes to coloring in Photoshop. And I don’t know how many times I’ve stared at the help screens for Illustrator just to draw a square. But after selecting the pen tool and clicking about this Squire C drawing aimlessly I finally began to understand the language of the anchors (although, I still don’t understand why most of the tools aren’t as intuitive as the images that represent them). Anyway, as far as I can remember, I understand that Illustrator is an entirely different creature from that of Photoshop. The layering system is a little too topsy turvy for my taste and I had to lock every one of them. Other than that, I love the results that come out of Illustrator which is why I’m very happy I got around to understanding the basics of coloring.

But, the point is here, is that we can finally see a Squires character in color (although a little rough-edged). While I’m never EVER opposed to coloring in traditional media, this is pretty much how I’ve imagined the characters appearing if color were to be applied.

This image here was something I sketched some time ago in my sketchbook when I thought I’d try to do some exercises on sitting poses. This particular drawing, though very tiny, became a favorite for obvious reasons – it’s just way too cute. Squire C has developed into a rather angry character and, for once, he seems relaxed. I love this drawing so much that I’ve enlarged it in Photoshop and printed it to make two alternate versions in colored pencil and ink. I’ve finished a monocrhome, colored pencil version which I’ll probably post sometime soon. And, now that I think about it, I may as well try for a plain ol’ colored pencil drawing.

Welp, speaking of enlarging, this version isn’t any bigger than what’s posted. It actually works for me only because there’s certainly a lot of gaps I forgot to fill in(i.e. his left foot looking like it’s detatched from his leg). Again, I’m still making peace with the application and more negotiations are under way.


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