Anne vs. Illustrator pt. 2

Squire North is singleI certainly wouldn’t call it an improvement, but I think it’s a lot better than not doing anything at all. This was an image I drew on a whim after, somehow, being reminded of something Aaron North said in a NIN Spiral chat. I’m afraid that’s all the info I have on that. But the point is here is I’m still battling it out with Illustrator. Some music artists I admire have mentioned the charm of the naivete of not fully knowing an instrument inside and out. I wouldn’t doubt applications and other forms of media aren’t exceptions. Although, this silly piece doesn’t exactly reflect it. It’s kind of conventional, I guess.

I feel as if I’ve been neglecting my sketchbook – another reason why this image was drawn. Not only did my sketchbook need attention but I wanted to try my hand at coloring a full-length Squire North (I seem to be drawing more ‘smiley’ pictures of him). And what subject could be better than the little Squire charming the ladies? Nothing says “manly” like a bottle of soda pop with a bendy straw.

But anyhoo, please DO click on the image to see the full view of Squire North try his hand at charming some 2D ladies.


3 thoughts on “Anne vs. Illustrator pt. 2

  1. Anne Tai says:

    Hehe! Actually, I’m the dumbass. I totally didn’t realize there was an extra http:// in the link.

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