Good ol’ Charles M. Schulz

Pig PenI can’t explain how much Peanuts has influenced nearly every sketch, doodle, and comic I’ve ever done. And I don’t know where to start explaining why and how. Anyone else who’s influenced by Charles M. Schulz would probably name the same reasons from the innocent charm, the characters, to their cute round heads. What I really admire about the comic strip is its timelessness. Even after Schulz has passed on, daily and Sunday papers are never without Classic Peanuts strips. No matter how old the strip is or how long it’s been since I’ve read one, it’ll still be funny and I’ll still genuinely enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Good ol’ Charles M. Schulz

  1. Word. I’m a peanuts devotee as well. A snoopy bobblehead lives in my bathroom and i own cast recordings of BOTH peanuts musicals, (you’re a good man charlie brown and Snoopy! the musical, respectively.) Words cannot quite capture my peanuts fixation, and nor can i describe the hearwrenching, famileal sense of loss that took over me when charles schulz died. glad you can relate.

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Aw! Back in elementary school, I’d always check out the Peanuts books every week. Even when I’ve read them all, I’d still check them out! When I recently visited the Peanuts site, I was kinda teary reading the tributes Schulz’s fellow cartoonists did after he passed away. Peanuts musicals?! That’s awesome! That’s it, I think I’ll make myself visit the cartoon art museum in the city.

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