Mona Lisa of the Squires and Hoity Toity cookies

Monochrome Squire CAs I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ll be doing a series of this particular drawing. Some time ago, I finished up this monochrome, colored pencil drawing of the sitting Squire C. There was no special technique, except maybe something I learned back in a drawing class in college. The instructor gave us a rundown on a colored pencil technique he came up with called “buffing” – think of how a floor waxer polishes up shinier the longer it stays in one spot. Ok, so maybe it is a special technique. I’m still an amateur at it, though.

Sadly, the scan could never do it justice. Or I’m not tweaking with the scanner right. But this particular drawing has become my Mona Lisa – as it was, aparently, Da Vinci’s favorite painting. I’m not exactly sure why it’s become a favorite. But I can be certain that one of the reasons is because it’s too cute and it’s one of my more successful sitting poses.

Just last night while checking my email, I ran into a cooking blog which mentions a chocolate chip cookie recipe from Neiman Marcus. I shmoozed through the recipe and thought I’d try my hand at it since cookies are one of the few things I’m kinda decent at baking. Fortunately, they turned out great! The recipe’s portions are about half of what I normally see in other cookie recipes and it calls for an ingredient I never thought of ever using in cookies – instant coffee powder.

While the recipe calls for instant espresso – I used instant cappuccino since I couldn’t find espresso at the nearby grocery store. But the cookies turned out just as delicious.


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