The Birth of a Squire and Spam Wontons

A rejecting squireOver at the North Side, the crew and visitors, have been dropping by with birthday wishes for Aaron North. My gift was in the form of the new Squires comic: A Wrongful Rejection where Squire North, still scarred from last year’s birthday surprise, must turn down an offer from the fellow squire he admires most.

Contrary to the belief (if there is one, and I’m just trying to sound fancy), Squire North doesn’t share the same birthday as the individual he’s based on. He was “born” sometime in October of 2005. Actually, this is how he was originally drawn. Hilariously enough, I began drawing him while watching my Invader Zim DVDs. For some unknown reason I decided Aaron North would look somewhat like the character Gaz if he were drawn in that style. I guess the rest was history. Sometime in a future post, I’ll probably delve into the Squires early stages.

Not too many people I know like eating Spam. My theory is (aside from being vegetarian), is that most people don’t know how to prepare it right. Not that it’s difficult to throw slices of it on a pan. But anyway, a couple of my friends and I who enjoy the canned lunch meat often think up of the many ways to prepare it. I think I’ve got the biggest repetoire out of all of them. Add Spam wontons to that repetoire.

While I can imagine someone out there has already devised a way to make Spam wontons, here’s my version:

sprigs of cilantro
green onion
shredded cabage
wonton wrappers
egg – to seal wontons
cooking oil

Cut spam into small, very thin cubes. Pan fry them to desired crispness. Mix with chopped cilantro, green onion, and cabbage. Add pepper, if desired.

With a teaspoon, scoop a sizable amount of the filling in the middle of the wonton wrapper. Dab a few drops of raw egg around the edges before twisting the wontons shut.

Deep fry in oil until wrappers are golden brown.



7 thoughts on “The Birth of a Squire and Spam Wontons

  1. serendipity4ever says:

    yummi that spam wontons sounds really delicous.

    it’s intresting to see how little squire north u been influenced by zim?cool :D i LOVE/ADORE/WORSHIP Invader Zim.The only reason why I watch nick ;)

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Johnen Vasquez is one of my BIGGEST influences! I admire his unusual humor and he’s got such a signature style so many people try to rip off – including me, hehe!

    Spam wontons are yummy, though the saltiness of the spam might be a little intense – but try making em’ sometime :D!

  3. M says:

    Wow. Never thought about using Spam and cilantro together. I miss Spam. Fried Spam and rice. The breakfast of champions!

  4. I KNEW IT! I knew Invader Zim had something to do with the Squires and here you confess to watching at Squire North’s birth! :D really though, i don’t think you’ve ‘ripped off’ jhonen’s style. i knew instantly that he was an influence of yours, but i think you’ve really developed your own sense of style concerning the squires, seriously like, Mr Vasquez would be proud if he saw your work! :D

  5. Anne Tai says:

    Hehe! Then many ninjas have recieved their wings ;).
    M, cilantro with Spam is delish :D. I totally suggest you try it sometime. If you’re ever craving Spam, drizzle the rice with some teriyaki sauce and nori…it’s yummers.

    shindig, I talk about more of my influences, including Vasquez in a past entry below ;)

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