Instruction Art: End of Days Recipe

DO IT at e-fluxOne of my most favorite art “movements” is Fluxus – though, it’s not exactly a movement but “an attitude”, “intermedia”, art that “should be simple and fun”- according to well-known Fluxists. Aparently, even known Fluxists don’t have an exact definitition of the art. My impression of Fluxus (and many others as well) is that it’s anything around you, the everyday things are the media – people, objects, thoughts. Realizations may or may not be up to chance or even in physical form.

My most favorite “subdivision” of Fluxus is instruction art: where the realizations are in the viewers’s hands. Over at E-flux, viewers can find a huge collection of instruction art to tackle – and I’m not kidding about HUGE. I can’t say I’ve done any of them, at least not yet (though it’s been nearly five years since I’ve first visited that site).

Back in college I’ve done a few instruction art pieces. One of them is in a recipe form and I highly encourage viewer participation – otherwise, who’d follow these instructions? This piece is still ongoing, but the results are all up to the viewers. Try it with friends and email me the dishes that come up.

End of Days Recipe

(to be done with at least three to five people)
1. Each person is to write down a favorite food (not a dish, but a fruit, vegetable, bread, meat, milk etc. for example) on a small piece of paper (without the other participants seeing), fold and place into a bowl.
2. After first step is completed, unfold all pieces of paper and all participants will prepare a dish using all ingredients written (spices, salt, pepper, oils, soy sauce, condiments, etc. permitted).
3. submit recipe


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