More daisy chain bracelets and Mini Squires

Daisy Chain braceletsOver the past few weeks I’ve managed to make a few more daisy bead bracelets with glass seed beads I’ve acquired from a discount store, craft store, and art supply store. I’ve probably mentioned that I originally started making these to creatively rid myself of these beads, but over time I got myself hooked into this simple craft. Since then I’ve been buying beads whenever I catch a good deal. But ideally I’d love to just recycle unwanted seed bead jewelry.

I usually have a favorite set of color schemes such as sky blue, red, and yellow; red, black, and clear; green, white, and yellow. But buying a grab bag of assorted colors is a great way to experiment with all kinds of schemes.

red, black, clear

This is one of my favorite color schemes for obvious reasons. When giving bracelets to friends, I always try to make sure this color combination is included.

seaside color schemes

These color schemes are a result of a case of me experimenting with a grab-bag of assorted beads. The light beige beads paired with white and pastel colors gives the bracelts a bit of a seashell, coral reef feel. The dark-blue bracelet on the left has the feel of a clear evening sky on the beach.

It doesn’t matter what combination of bracelets are worn with whatever clothing – they look great either way. Friends who I have given these bracelets to wear them in many combinations with any outfit.

Just a few days ago I posted a new Mini Squires on North Side. This time Squire North reveals the reasoningMini Squires #3 behind his routine ice-cream stealing and Squire D explains why he’s always carrying around a newspaper. While these mini comics are only limited to four panels, I can kind of squeeze in a bit of character development. Squire D is probably the most difficult out of all the characters and I think it’s because I’ve developed him into a sort of “parent”-like personality. Even from the sloppier beginnings he was carrying a newspaper and always acted as some sort of mediator. He’d never steal anyone’s ice cream or yell in a foreign language. And despite Squire North’s questionable hygiene habits, he’d never try to avoid him (though he’d discreetly hold his breath).


3 thoughts on “More daisy chain bracelets and Mini Squires

  1. I love squire D as you draw him. I think a lot of northsiders can’t remove these guys’ “squires” personas from their real-life counterparts. I like it this way.

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Hehe! Aw, well, if we see photos or video of any of the guys doing anything from the comic…I could apply for a psychic position, maybe?

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