Teriyaki Fried Rice

Here’s a recipe I came up with by accident some time ago. I was originally going to have just fried egg with some rice, but then I added tomatoes and remembered a bottle of teriyaki sauce in the cupboard. After a quick stir and a few simple seasonings I went from something boring to something quite hearty and very delish. As with any recipe I think up, I hardly think in measurments and just eyeball everything. But I’m gonna try to give approximations.

Teriyaki Fried Rice with Egg and Tomato

about 3-4 cups cooked rice
1 tomato – diced
1 or 2 eggs
about 3 tbsp teriyaki sauce – if this is unavailable, soy sauce mixed with sugar and, optionally, ginger powder works just fine.
salt and pepper to taste
cooking oil

wakame furiake, nori snacks, roasted sesame seeds – optional, but they add some nice flavor and texture

1. Add diced tomato to hot oil and season with salt and pepper. Cook until slightly tender. Push them aside in the pan to make room for the eggs.
2. Add eggs – crack them right into the hot oil or scramble them first, if desired. I usually partially scramble them after cracking them into the pan. Season to taste and cook thoroughly.
3. Add cooked rice, stirring and folding in the tomato and eggs.
4. Add teriyaki sauce – more or less to your taste, but you obviously don’t want to drown out the other ingredients. Stir rice until sauce is evenly distributed.
5. Add other optional seasonings if available.

Serve hot and enjoy!

If  you haven’t checked out the previous post – I hope a few of you will be able to attend APE and, maybe, be curious enough to scout out the mini-zine I’ll be distributing at the free stuff table.


One thought on “Teriyaki Fried Rice

  1. I meant that one anne xD (I’m so stupid,and i wasn’t even drunk ;))
    I added the chicken because i luuurve chicken.
    my variation of the main recipe was like i said,I left the tomatoes out and used paprika.the next time i tried diffrent rice.it was kinda dark colored,but i forgot how it was called.and i added some mushrooms.it was really good :)

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