The Squires get physical at APE

Squires Mini ZineIf you happen to be around the San Francisco area and will be attending this year’s Alternative Press Expo (better known as APE) happening this weekend – April 21-22, I’ll be giving out FREE Squires mini-zines. Be on the look-out for the little mini-zine pictured here. It’s nothing too spectacular – just a simple, photocopy-printed booklet. I’m hoping to shoot for two different mini-zines, but who knows! Most likely I won’t be handing them out personally, but they’ll be sitting in a pile along with other publications at the free stuff table.

I’ve only been to a few of these conventions in the past. It’s a wonderful event celebrating the small press publications whether they be professional or DIY photocopied zines. Even if money’s a bit tight, there’s always a good handful of -very- affordable and even free reading material distributed everywhere in the venue – and most of it’s actually good stuff to read. There are also a lot of entertaining, if not, informative discussion panels. I’m not sure if it happens every year, but sometimes there’s a panel on how to start your own zine.

But anyway I also hope to distribute these on North Side, maybe, as part of a prize package in a future contest. I might even make these on some sort of montly or bi-monthly basis to give the Squires some other media to infest. Either way, I’m just glad to get back into self-publishing something…in physical form.


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