Beasties @ Cell Space

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the reception of Beasties – an exhibit at the CELLspace gallery in San Francisco featuring artwork of beasts, vermin, and atrocities in paintings, sculpture, and installation. Among the featured artists was Joshua Short – a fellow Conceptual/InfoArts graduate and friend. He displayed  an awesome collaborative installation in the form of a VERY large dragon-like beast wonderfully constructed from all things cardboard from boxes to fruit cartons cut and shaped into scales. I’m not kidding about the large part – I could easily fit into one of its claws displayed as if it had clawed its way through the floor. His second claw appeared as if it were in the process of ripping through the wall. The head, itself, had already made its way through the floor and wall while trailng a pool of “blood”. I could only wish I had a decent camera on me to snap photos of the awesome piece (though, I had my phone on me, I’m all thumbs on how to upload photos from there). I’m gonna hope (or pester) Josh posts photos of this piece soon as it’s quite amazing to see.


One thought on “Beasties @ Cell Space

  1. Sounds very, very cool. There must be pictures somewhere!

    Easiest way for me to get photos from my phone online is to sending them as a message to my email address. From there, you can do whatever you want to with them.

    Where’s my Stickynote Theatre submission?

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