APE and a Filthy Squire

I was quite happy with this year’s APE. I think it was because this time a friend and I made it an agenda to seek out zines that were not only reasonably priced but strange and unusual enough for our tastes to catch our fancy. A few seem to have fit the criteria:

Murder Can Be Fun by John Marr
It might have not been strange or unusual, but this zine caught our attention. The writer for the zine claims he wasn’t creative enough (or something like that) which resulted in a zine featuring articles/trivia/facts on true murders. Well, I’d like to think he was creative enough to want to put stuff like this together. It got enough of my morbid attention that I bought one of the Datebooks where each day of the year presents a murder, fatal accident, or birth of a murderer for that particular day. I think it was my first purchase and from then on it was decided that I seek out only publications similar to that nature..or at least have very charismatic writers which my friends and I had the pleasure to meet.

Consumer Comics by Ryan Germick
Ok, so this wasn’t exactly strange or unusual either, but the folk behind the table were so charismatic – not to mention informative on creating zines – that I couldn’t say no. The comic itself reminds me of the charm of an extended Sunday comic. I especially like the note at the end of Ryan Germick’s comic, “With any luck, I will bring down the man with funny pages.”

Of course, I brought my own publications – the Squires mini-zines I just laid out on the free stuff tables. I’m gonna hope at least one out of the handfuls of mini-zines incites enough interest to visit the website.

Mini Squires #4It was about that time again on North Side where I post another Squires comic. Though, as of late I’ve been drawing more of the Mini comics than regular ones since I can pump them out faster. But that’s not to say I’ve totally scrapped making the “regular-length” sorts as I’ve been working on one of those too.

This particular Mini Squires was rather something since it was the result of me spending a lot of time on the Peanuts website. So it’s safe to say this strip was very much inspired by Schulz. But the subject here is another running Squires gag – Squire North’s horrible sense of hygiene. This was heavily based on talk of Aaron North’s hygiene habits. Whether it’s true or not that Mr. North doesn’t shower regularly, it still makes for great, if not hilarious material.

But anyway, while most of the squires’s characters stem from real-life individuals and some of the individuals’ characteristics – they’re becoming more and more loosely based on them. For as long as I draw these comics I intend on keeping the subject matter as innocent as possible. But I guess I can’t make any promises when it comes to Squire White’s favorite video game and Squire C’s Italian expletives.


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