Squires on Wrappers

Earlier this month I was away from my house for quite a while and hardly did any kind of drawing like I told myself I would. So, while at a birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant I thought I’d try to draw something remotely funny on the chopstick wrappers. These are way too sloppy to even blog on North Side and beyond being scrap material on deviantART. So I guess these are kind of “exclusive” to this blog…sorta.

I don't wanna!
I pretty much just doodled my way from left to right while waiting for my order, starting out with Squire C in his foreign grammar and ending with a content Squire D. Of course, we have a whiny Squire North who’d probably rather eat anywhere in a food court than a Japanese restaurant. If any of the comics haven’t, then this scrawling probably shows him as the resident little kid of the group.

Squire North continues his whining while Squire D explains why he should eat there. Aparently the others have absolutely no problem with the decision. They’d probably opt to leave the youngest squire at the nearest food court rather than have an unpleasant meal. Maybe Squire North is too ashamed to admit he can’t use chopsticks to save his life and is too stubborn to ask for a fork. Or maybe it’s because the restaurant isn’t likely to serve french fries.


3 thoughts on “Squires on Wrappers

  1. ah ha, i love your style :D its so cute and fun!
    even jeordie looks cute the way you draw him, yet i can tell its him!
    i wanna see you draw trent, or does he never hang around his band? XD
    me love dandan art!

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