A Suspiciously Happy Squire and deviantANNE

A happy SquireI’m actually trying to make it a habit of posting something at least once a week. Or twice a week. Or once every two weeks. Well, let’s just say I’m trying to make it a habit of posting often. It’s good blog excercise.

But anyway, a few weeks ago, I absentmindedly sketched this little ditty of Squire C with a suspiciously wide smile on his face. I threw in the other squires (complete with pac man-esque eyes) in there for atmosphere. But they’re also kind of wondering what’s making the guy happy. Did he win the lotto? Did he finally buy the first season of his favorite show on DVD? Maybe he’s content with what he had for lunch. Is his smile even genuine? What if it’s a sinister smile? They contemplate on asking him, lest they want the Italian to get angry all over again.

The other squires’ eyes were the result of laziness their heads being drawn really small so I just nixed out the details. Screw it, they’re supposed to be far away anyway. Of course, after all the doodling was done I decided to continue my practice with Illustrator on it. Welp…not much changed in terms of improvment from my last attempts. I’ll consider it good exercise.

As with some of my other drawings/sketches/doodles, this one’s posted on my deviantART page. I certainly don’t have much compared to everyone else, but check it out anyway. My miniscule gallery features some of my really old stuff including Bom – one of my first and most favorite characters. I’m not too hot about deviantART, but it’s not a bad online art community – not to mention a really great way to gain an audience. While it also has a blog feature, I rather I keep all my art chatter here, so don’t be surprised if I’m hardly talkative over there. Of course, I’m not opposed to comments on the devART page…!


2 thoughts on “A Suspiciously Happy Squire and deviantANNE

  1. dude, squire C’s ploting their demise! he got his cousin, straight out of italy, and the mob to come do the dirty work, he just got the confirmation call. ;)
    yeah, i’m trying this place out…so far, so good? but i think i need a different layout, that’s for sure. :-\

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Haha! He’s got mob connections – he’s got an enforcer, a consiglieri, and..I forgot the other ranks.

    Ooh, you got a wordpress blog now? Isn’t it cool? I dunno, but I just love playing with the widgets and what not. It’s like a toybox ;)

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