Bom Bites

I haven’t been up to much in terms of anything creative. But here are a few tidbits of what I’ve been up to this past week:

– I’ve been feeling negligent when it comes to drawing Bom, so I’ve sketched him with a new outfit because his old outfit was too similar to Squire North’s. A wee bit of Bom history – he’s part of a collection of old characters I’ve drawn and, at one point, even made a few photocopy-printed comic zines on them called Beat the Family, or The Lanky Arms Boarding House.

– I’ve received emails from a fellow artist/fellow CIA graduate/friend about the Maker Faire this past weekend as he was going to be selling carnivorous plants there. I stupidly and lazily didn’t go, but my friend (also a fellow CIA artist) did. Check out his blog. Quite the character, that guy…

– I broke out the beads and made a few bracelets. Few as in just two. One was with my favorite color combination, this time with these transluscent beads. The sky blue beads, unfortunately seem to fade a little after getting doused with water, though. The gold and black beaded bracelet was made as a request from my cousin.

– And a random Squire sketch. ALSO, something really exciting happened in the world of the Squires! Erm..sorta. Let’s just say it has to do with things in print.


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