Hot Dog on a Sticky

You're a hot dog!Fogive me as I try to put more personality to this blog. I fear I’ve a writing voice as exciting as a wet and moldy sponge. But anyway, I’ve still been a little lazy on the artistic side. Luckily it doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to update with.

Sometime ago I ran into this awesome blog dedicated to doodles on sticky notes. This was the first post that caught my attention as it was one of the top WP posts of the day.

What’s not to love about doodling on sticky notes? They’re always there during work, and, in my case I seem to come up with the best ideas on them. If you haven’t noticed the link to Sticky Note Theatre on my list of links, I totally suggest checking it out. Guest submissions are highly encouraged!

Speaking of guest submissions, check out the current guest submission…erm…current pink sticky note submission if it’s been updated since then.


5 thoughts on “Hot Dog on a Sticky

  1. i hear ya on doodling on sticky notes, my mum and her work pals hate me when i waste all their notes drawing over them and sticking them all over the place =D

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Ooh, I’ve seen those Moleskines at an indie bookstore sometime ago. They are quite luxurious…

    Shindig, you should totally save those and submit them to the blog I mentioned!

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