Mini Squires sans Squire North

Haha!I’ve been a little slow pumping out the comics on North Side as of late. But I thought I’d mellow things down a bit with a Mini Squires. This particular comic came about from a random, messy doodle in my sketchbook where Squire C is drawn keeled over in laughter while Squire White groans, “It’s not that funny”. So Squire C needed something to laugh at…at Squire White’s expense.

The challenge for me here is to make a comic that doesn’t feature Squire North. GASP! But after sifting through the archives I realized this isn’t the first time he wasn’t featured in a comic. Was it that long ago?

Expect the next few Mini Squires to feature everyone BUT the littlest squire. He’s been quite the glory hog as of late. He can’t be the star in EVERY one of them.

I’ve drawn out a few storyboards for at least two or three of these mini comics. Each one features a different combination of characters so this is kind of an excercise in developing character interaction…if that makes any sense because I think my brain just farted.


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