Just out of curiosity…

…but has anyone tried any of the recipes posted here? If so, anyone add any variations? I’m really curious…maybe someone out there made a fairly good recipe of mine even better. Which has me entertaining the idea of posting guest recipes/variations if I were to get enough responses. They don’t have to come all at once. Just trickle em’ in just so I have something new to post every so often otherwise I’d probably not have much to post in the next few months! Uh, that is, during the doodling downtimes.


8 thoughts on “Just out of curiosity…

  1. I think I’ve mentioned before that I love your fried rice recipe?

    It’s become one of my staple ‘no-inspiration-little-time-empty-fridge’ dishes and it just as good every time. The one variation I’ve done is using noodles instead of rice (if I don’t have any rice ready already, noodles take less time to cook) and it’s great too! But I hardly think that turning it into ‘fried noodles’ counts as a real variation, does it?


  2. Anne Tai says:

    No way! That’s awesome and makes me giddy inside that you like that recipe! Using noodles TOTALLY counts as a variation. And I *heart* noodles. Ooh..frying the noodles…fantastic idea…thanks!!!

  3. serendipity says:

    I did. and I loved them!tried the wontons and the potato salad.they were really awesome anne.can i book you for a dinner party?I would pay for your flight!

  4. Anne Tai says:

    Ooh, glad you like the recipes…made any variations? I’d love to cook for you :D and a party. It’s hard to cook for just one person..! Book me a flight! I can use the vacation ;)

  5. yeah biiig parties,for 45 people and more.we have some pretty big parties going on here this juli.visit me and you also get to see a cultural unique city :)
    uh well,I used diat mayo instead of teh real one xD

    oh and i just remember i tried out your chicken too.
    but before i started i put the chicken in a marinade if you know what i mean.it was a mixture of some hot and spicy chinese souce.I left it there for uhm 2 hours and then started cooking. and i left the tomatoes out and used paprika.worked too.

    hey please post some more recipes and really love ’em!

  6. Jess says:

    I’ve never left a comment here before (that I can remember) but I loooove how your garlic bread looks, so me and my mum are going to get some sour bread for it now! Can’t wait to try it! By the way, I love you comics! Alessandro is so funny :)

    • Anne Tai says:

      Oh awesome! Ya can’t go wrong with garlic bread! I’m pretty sure yours turned out tasty. Another thing I like to do is toast plain slices of sourdough, rub garlic on it (it’ll kind of melt into the hot toasty bread), then slather some butter. It’s really intense!

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