North Side/Squires Stickers stickerSo I’ve mentioned something exciting happening to the Squires some time ago. Mkay…so maybe I’ve hyped things up a little, but we at North Side are excited about the stickers that finally got printed. It took a bit of convincing and encouragement from an outside source and before I knew it I was placing an order.

Choosing an image wasn’t all that difficult. This particular image is similar to the many sketches I’ve done for possible shirts…if we ever got around to making them (maybe I need to consult my outside source again). The stickers had to feature all four Squires and they had to look as neat as possible. I’m rather glad I took up Illustrator when I did, even when I’m still pretty rusty.

So anyway, they’re readily available! How to acquire one? I won’t say much here, but head on over to North Side for all the details. Let’s just say you’ll have to do us a little favor…


2 thoughts on “North Side/Squires Stickers

  1. M says:

    Man, I’m kinda bummed no one’s offered to become our indentured servant.

    I could really use the help ’round the house.

  2. Anne Tai says:

    What?! Still?! It would be nifty to have someone do the grocery shopping for me. Maybe we should wait till the end of the week ;)

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