Blank-circled-eyed Squires

It's not too late.It seems like the Squires have been taking over the artsy side of my brain, but I’m not exactly complaing…sorta. But anyway back at the North Side, I’ve posted a new Mini Squires featuring the blank-eyed half of the cast. This is somewhat based on an old colored pencil doodle of the two squires having a quiet cup of tea together.

Squire C and Squire D hardly have anything to say to each other. If Squire C has anything to say to the other, it’s usually a complaint concerning none other than Squire North. But they never have anything worth conversing over with each other. Will they ever?

Now that I think of it, I’d probably continue this as a series. Maybe by the end, the two will have something worth saying.

Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken part in pimping out North Side in exchange for stickers! I was really super excited at the number of responses. Most of you have emailed in your addresses…so keep a lookout for em’ in your mailboxes!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll come up with a new sticker design.


3 thoughts on “Blank-circled-eyed Squires

  1. Anne Tai says:

    Awesome! You’re the first person who’s told me they got theirs. And thank you for whoring us out ;). I gotta catch up on sticky note doodles ;).

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