Popcorn recipes

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a popcorn fiend. And I’m very particular with the kind of popcorn I’m eating. Movie popcorn’s always a winner, but if I’m at home it’s usually stove-top cooked or popped in one of these appliances. Butter and salt’s usually a favorite if I don’t mind the guilt, but if I don’t want to add more oil, I just use cooking spray, some seasonings and shake it up in a plastic bag (a simple technique learned from a college buddy).

Since I’m a little short on things to blog, here’s a few popcorn recipes:

Cooked popcorn – preferably cooked in oil, but air popped will work fine when using cooking spray
Cooking Spray (optional)- there are some that are flavored, which I think is a plus, but if you don’t want to mangle flavors, get something plain

Any of these seasonings:
Ranch dressing powder
garlic powder or garlic salt
spicy salt
cinnamon and sugar
parmesean cheese and basil
seaweed furiake – my ULTIMATE FAVORITE, popcorn with this is usually called “Hawaiian Style”

If you happen to have seaweed furiake, I really recommend using a mortar and pestle to grind into almost a powder. This helps the seasoning stick to the popcorn better. As for distributing the seasoning, I find it a lot easier to dump the popcorn and seasonings in a plastic grocery bag and shaking it. This idea, as mentioned above, came from a college pal who also gave me the idea of using different seasonings for popcorn. A few times she had popcorn seasoned with something that tasted a lot like sour plum – a seasoning I’m still looking for.

But anyway, there are a ton more popcorn ideas out there. These are just a few of my favorites. Happy popping!


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