Bom Bites at Random

ChillThe right side of my brain hasn’t been chugging out much these past few weeks. Maybe a few random doodles here and there – most I wouldn’t even consider scan-worthy. But I’d hate to have another week pass by without an update of some sort, so I’ll mention some sorta-worthy bits.

-Remember this drawing? As I’ve mentioned in a past entry, I’ve been working on different versions using colored pencils – Prismacolors as well as plain ol’ Crayola pencils.

-Been making a few daisy chain bracelets every now and then. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of color schemes.

-This is hardly a recipe, but for those of you who enjoy Spam as much as I do and can’t think of anything quick to prepare, try this: pan fry Spam, serve over rice drizzled with teriyaki sauce (or soy sauce mixed with sugar) and crumbled nori snacks (seaweed). Better yet, if you have bonito furiaki, sprinkle that over the dish. Very delish.


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