Totally green stickies and a totally huge squire

Unhappy Hot DogThe doodles are still chugging at a funeral procession’s pace. But I did find a wee bit of downtime at work to make a few submissions to Stickynote Theatre. After nabbing a few pads of sticky notes from the office supply closet I thought I’d give put them to good, er, creative use rather than important reminders. So check out the submissions I’ve put in, as well as the plethora of sticky pieces that are a thousand times more elaborate than I could ever imagine a sticky note could ever be. I’m totally not kidding. Most of us doodle with what’s on hand – i.e. ONE pen or ONE pencil. Check out the pieces from folk who really expand their palettes when it comes to these sticky pads of paper.

In other randomness. Check out my friend’s blog where he’s documented his attempt at creating the largest Squire C image ever to exist. He’s done this via the rasterbator. It’s like, a totally huge Squire.


3 thoughts on “Totally green stickies and a totally huge squire

  1. Anne Tai says:

    Hehe! I meant to just use those plain pink ones…but you know how it goes – unattended office supply rooms at work…..

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