Recipe variations

Man, oh man… the right side of my brain’s just been shoved aside these past few weeks. But not to worry, my sparse readers… a few North Side forum pals have given me a few variations to the recipes I’ve posted.

Miss Midget b.k.a. sancha on the forums mentioned a slight varation on this recipe. Instead of using rice, she used fried noodles. Anything with the word “fried” in it is totally worth trying…!

Serendipity, b.k.a. adore on the forums also shared a variation on the same recipe. This one sounds like it requires a bit of work as she’s used marinated chicken with some paprika and omitted the tomatoes. She’s also dabbled with using different kinds of rice and even added mushrooms. I love mushrooms. Either way, it sounds really tasty!

Thanks to both of them for letting me share these and I hope a few more variations come in! I totally recommend people dabble with these variations and, maybe, make variations of them. In the meantime…I’m gonna have to bust my ass and get those comics, photos, bracelets, and recipes churning.


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