Filler sketch

Even with weekends I’ve been really bad at committing any time to anything creative as of late. So with that I thought I’d share a sketch I’ve had lying around in my hard drive for a while. Take a shmooze over at my deviantART scrap page to check out the latest upload. It’s been forever since I’ve submitted anything on that page, and to tell you the truth I’ve been feeling a bit e-unorganized.

But anyway, about the doodle – nothing special here, at least in terms of technique or materials. It’s just Squire North drawn looking up – something he does frequently since he’s the smallest of the squries. Welp, it’s not like I’ve been pestered (yet) to come out with anything SoD, but I’ve got a Mini Squires sitting around just waiting to be finished. I’ll hope to get that one out sometime in the coming week. As for a full Squires comic…I’ll admit I haven’t thought of anything yet. But sometimes a Mini Squires idea turns into a full strip…ya never know…!

Oh, another note – check out my about page. Even that’s still a work in progress.


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