Twittering Squires

Dr. Squire I presume?This is probably my lamest excuse for not coming out with any new comics. But anyway, out of boredom and, somehow, being inspired by Darth Vader I decided the Squires of Dimness should have their own twitter accounts.  What is twitter? Head on over there and check it out.

Darth Vader and a few other Star Wars characters have their own accounts and twitter with hilarious updates. So, basically ripping off Darth Vader, I figured the Squires should have in on the fun. So if any of you have an account (it’s free, by the by) add these Squires:

Squire D, Squire C, and Squire A. Squire White’s on his way…he’s the slowest of the four.

Maybe the Squires will twitter something funny – hopefully at least once daily. I might just think of this as, maybe character development because what would these fictional guys do on a day to day basis?

I’ve pretty much had all Saturday to finish the LAST panel of a Mini Squires. Yeah, the last panel, and it’s not even a “full length” comic. I’m pretty certain I’ll get to it this week. Until then, add the Squires to your twitter accounts!


3 thoughts on “Twittering Squires

  1. adoRe says:

    I’m sooooo looking forward to the new comic!!!squire A with glasses=absolut brilliant!

    and squires on twitter is so fav’s squire C ;)

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