Mini Squires #7 and More Bead Addictions

I'm not the father!After clinging onto my drawing board for who knows how long, the new Mini Squires is now posted on, where else, North Side. Again, it wasn’t because it was difficult or I was stuck on where it was going. It was partially laziness and being occupied by other activities. But I guess all that matters is that it’s finally complete and posted.

As with the last two Mini Squires, this one doesn’t feature Squire North – though he is the subject of the strip. While it’s a mini comic, I like seeing this as a bit of a development of the characters’s relationships with each other as well as more character development of Squire D.

I’ll admit that Squire D is one of the more bland characters, or as most would say, mellow. But while he maintains a mellow posture most of the time, he can be pretty imposing as the last panel suggests. He’s the only one Squire North would hardly, if not never pull any of his hijinks. The others would probably never figure out how he was granted this immunity. I probably never will either.

In handcrafted news – fellow North-Sider Jenny tried her hand at daisy chain bracelets. They look really awesome and the photo of the ones she made really reflect it. And check out the spectacular beaded necklace she and her sister crafted. Talk about having patience! So head on over there and check out these awesome pieces.


2 thoughts on “Mini Squires #7 and More Bead Addictions

  1. its cause they love each other. ;)

    haha. god, i used to make the daisy chains when i was a kid.

    though i am sad, my cat totally decided to make the bracelet you made me a toy in his arsenal.

    needless to say, my cat totally won.

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