Improv Soup and twittering Squire White

Outside the online world I keep a notebook of all the recipes I frequently use as well as post here. Sometimes I wonder if this soup I make on chilly days or sick days counts as any kind of recipe as it’s basically throwing in stuff I happen to have around the kitchen – including leftovers. And it’s pretty basic. I imagine it’s a common recipe, but I’ll share what I usually throw in this, what I call a poor kid’s soup (again, I apologize for the lack of measurements):

Poor Kid’s soup (or improv soup)
Broth -chicken, beef or veggie. Canned or boullion
Frozen or fresh veggies
Any kind of uncooked pasta – if using spaghetti pasta, break up into smaller pieces
Any leftover meat or tofu (optional) – chicken, beef, sausage, etc…whatever’s leftover
salt & pepper, and whatever spices like basil, oregano, garlic powder to taste
cornstarch to thicken (optional)
1 can tomato sauce (optional)

1. Bring broth with thawed or fresh veggies and pasta to a boil
2. Add leftover meat/tofu if desired
3. Season with salt & pepper or whatever spices to your taste
4. Bring to a boil for about 5 minutes
5. Lower temperature to simmer about 1 hour

Optionally, you can add some cornstarch or flour if a thicker soup is desired. For more flavor, add a can of tomato sace.

Serve piping hot with toasted buttered bread or crackers and enjoy!

In SoD news,  Squire White finally figured out how to join twitter. Follow the bumbling squire, if you will :).


2 thoughts on “Improv Soup and twittering Squire White

  1. mars says:

    i rec, for soups on chilly days, throwing a raw egg in – the broth cooks it up and it’s pretty awesome. i tend to do this whenever i break out a pack of good old mr. noodle.

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Ooh, not a bad idea. I love doing that with instant ramen too! Makes ramen so much more satisfying. But I’ll totally try that with an improvisational soup – might make a tasty Asian style soup as well :) thanks for the recommendation!

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