Squires Forever (or however long I can stand to draw them without going nuts)

The end?!Over at North Side, M’s updated the blog with a recent article of an interview with Mr. Reznor where he slightly hints the demise of the current line up (if it’s true?). Of course, the comments quickly flood in. One commentor wondered if the Squires of Dimness will continue.

The Squires of Dimness will definitely continue.

No change of the “line up” or characters. Sure, at the beginning these guys were meant to be 2D incarnations of non-Trent members of NIN during the with_teeth – present era. But over time these guys have taken on their own personalities while keeping a few physical likenesses of Aaron North, Alessandro Cortini, Jerome Dillon, and Jeordie White. I’m certain by now the readers can see how loosely the squires are based on them.

It’s pretty much why I don’t refer to this as a “NIN” comic like I had in its early stages. We all know who NIN really is and it’s pretty much why I never created a 2D version of the man himself. As much as I admire the man and his work, I don’t want to limit the audience to JUST NIN fans. So far, showing this comic to family members and friends who have no idea who NIN are seems to have positive results. A few non-NIN fan pals even follow the comic and I think that’s a good start for me.

And as long as Aaron North keeps up with the blog-worthy activities, as long as North Side sticks around, and as long as readers still care – Squires of Dimness will always reside there. I’d love to keep them exclusively there. If anything, they’ll always find a home here.

I love drawing them so much that I’d love to, some day, make an actual printed comic of these guys. Which leads me to another thought – their names…


4 thoughts on “Squires Forever (or however long I can stand to draw them without going nuts)

  1. serendipity says:

    Yeah,please never stop drawing the squires!!I love them so much,I would really miss ’em if they would be gone.And you’re right,they’re also enjoyable for non NiN fans which is probably a reason why they’re so freaking popular all over the Internet.And a real printed comic would be the greatest thing ever!!!!I would so buy one :D But what is with their names?Oo sorry,can’t follow ya xD

  2. Very well said! Just because they aren’t together doesn’t mean all the fan stuff has to stop. I’m glad you’re carrying on with the Squires – they always give me a laugh when I need it. Thanks so much!

  3. twiggysrabies says:

    Thank you so much! The Squires always bring a smile to my face, even on the worst days. ^_^ Thank you!

  4. Anne Tai says:

    Aw, thanks you guys. Seriously. I never thought I’d ever have ANY kind of audience. If these simple drawings cheer people up, then I think they’ve done their job :). As long as there’s any kind of audience, anyone willing to look at them, I’ll never stop! Unless my hand gets tired. hehe!

    And to Adore (finally, cuz wordpress was having comment issues) what I meant about their names is – one of these days I’m going to have to change the squire’s names if/when I do decide to put them into actual, physical print. It’s only because, I can’t “cash off” of North or White’s name. But you’ll see…the changes won’t even look like changes ;)

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