Mini Squires #8

So, anyway...The time came, once again, to post another Mini Squires on, where else – North Side. This one features the return of the littlest Squire, rudely interrupting White and C’s most intriguing conversation.

This idea was doodled out in a horrible story board form in an older sketchbook. I guess I couldn’t figure out how I’d draw Squire North being chased by a monstrous giant hot dog until now.
As I’ve mentioned in a few previous entries, Jhonen Vasquez is one of my biggest influences. This particular Mini Squires was inspired by my favorite strip in his Bad Art Collection where an unfortunate soul is being hunted down by giant hot dogs in sunglasses. Vasquez fans who haven’t yet seen this comic should really check it out. It’s probably my most favorite work from him, even if it’s just a collection of random doodles. I see these as his ideas in the raw, and they probably are as he mentions the dialogue being written as he drew. Hell, even when they’re considered “bad” I consider them genius!


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