Moleskine Happy

Me and my MoleskineI was introduced to these by my friend while shmoozing through a bookstore some time ago. They were brought to my attention again by M in our kinda deserted stuff blog. And after doing some catching up on Lifehacker I knew I had to get my hands on them.

Sure these Moleskines are pricier than my usual sketchbooks, but I’m very glad I decided to pick up a few. The pocket sketchbook makes the perfect doodle companion in the workplace since I hardly have enough deskspace to rest my regular book. I can easily scrawl in some doodles in between tasks and, thanks to its size I can pretty much make it look like I’m taking important notes instead of drawing Squire North complain about coconut ice cream.

It was also a nice change. I love each and every sketchbook I use, but it was definitely time for a change of drawing surfaces. Maybe it was time to break away from the usual blaring white to the mellower manila folder color. What’s even more cool are the pockets they have built in…origami paper and stickers anyone?

Though, I don’t know if I’m sounding materialistic or what, but I pretty much found myself drawing more now that I got my hands on these. New drawing surfaces can be pretty inspiring, though. Is it the name brand? Is the price forcing me to use them? Is it both? I will admit, I feel pretty hoity toity using these Moleskines. But the important factor here is – more doodles, more comics.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my beads. Sadly there’s nothing new in terms of patterns, but I did acquire new beads some time ago. While it’s a little hard to tell what’s new and what isn’t, here’s a usual setup of my beading workspace:

And a shot of the beads I wear everyday:


7 thoughts on “Moleskine Happy

  1. I have one of those! I somehow hadn’t heard of them when the lady at a used book store near work told me about them. She sold me when she should me her sketches.

    Sadly, I haven’t used it yet…..why? Well, the pages are so perfect, I don’t want to ruin them! Eventually I’ll start it though.

  2. serendipity says:

    uh,uh I have a moleskine,too.Actually I’m kinda afraid to use it cos it was quite expensive and the paper quality is just wow (btw i have this one,it was a gift from my aunt ,I still have no idea what she was thinking when she bought something like that)

    and your beads are so beautiful!I wish i could do something like this :-/ really pretty.

    (wordpress likes to fuck with me,again)

  3. Anne Tai says:

    Ah! Don’t be afraid! I was like that too with crisp, white pages. But think of it this way – make them even MORE perfect with your doodles ;).

  4. Anne Tai says:

    Serendipity, if you’re curious about making beads like that, lemme know! Sancha got into em’, they’re super easy ;). And just DIVE into your Moleskine! The fact that it’s pretty fancy just drives me to marr it, hehe!

  5. Carissa says:

    I completely agree with the importance of defiling a new beautiful, expensive sketchbook with lot’s and lot’s of doodles. Don’t be afraid. It’s just paper, so if you fuck it up, there are other pages, and what if it inspires you? What if it’s amazing? You’ll never know because you’re too afraid to get the pages dirty!

  6. Anne Tai says:

    Would you be the Carissa I’m thinking of?!!! Ya know what..I know it’s you ;) So nice of ya to come by!

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