Moleskine Doodles – aka – my excuse for not finishing the new comic

Coconuts Are EvilI feel pretty horrible for stalling, but I also feel horrible for not updating. So, while I stall from finishing the supposed Halloween comic, I’ll hope to tide my sparse viewers over with a few doodles from my now filled Moleskine sketchbook.

The doodle on the left here is a bit from an idea I was drawing where Squire North holds a seminar focusing on the evils of coconuts. His seminar’s complete with illustrated explanations of the cursed tropical fruit – the dangers they pose and the cruel way they surprise unwary snackers in delicious foods. Of course, his seminar isn’t complete without a few disagreements from the audience. Would this become a comic someday? Who knows…I usually laugh at my own ideas. They’re either gonna turn out good or I’m just really full of myself.

What is your secret?I posted this doodle pictured here before in the previous entry, but this time I scanned it so the dialogue’s easier to read. I had this running gag going where Squire C insists Squire D give him advice on attracting the ladies. He’s convinced D has a way with them. I say C just use his own natural charm. Chicks dig the foreign dudes, right?

Leave it to Mira
If you don’t know me personally or haven’t been to the North Side forums, then you probably aren’t aware of how much of a Ladytron fangirl I’ve become since last year. But anyhoo, on the left here I’ve “squire-ized” one of the band’s leading ladies – Mira Aroyo. I somehow imagined if there were a character in SoD based on her, she’d be a character who turns any situation into an opportunity to perform a heroic deed whether it be opening a jar of pickles or helping a friend grow facial hair.

The Usual SuspectsBut anyway, my sparse readers, I won’t finish without at least a preview of what should have been done a while ago. Actually, here’s a piece of it in, uh…concept form. I can promise viewers that the particular idea pictured is at least complete and much cleaner and neater (I hope)! Maybe you can try to figure out what’s going on. That’s only half the fun! The other half is waiting for the finished product.


3 thoughts on “Moleskine Doodles – aka – my excuse for not finishing the new comic

  1. DumbassTurtle says:

    Oh oh! Thouse are so great, thank you for sharing. So excited to see more stuff, and don’t worry about getting stuff out quick I’m patient… sorta. lol

  2. adoRe says:

    I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your mira doodle(been in a totally ladytron phase atm,though ).I can totally imagine her entering the scene,looking unbelievable beautiful and then saying something deadly funny xD So looking forward to your comics,I hope they’re finished soon.

  3. Anne Tai says:

    Aw…! Thanks you two!

    Welp, I hope you guys are really patient – like my past Valentine comic, this one won’t come out till AFTER Halloween! But, it’s not as Halloweeny as I thought it was gonna be, oh well.

    Mira probably won’t be alone. She’ll have a Helen-esque character at her side. ;)

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