Thieving Squires and A Flying Hot Dog

Prime suspect

If my sparse readers haven’t already, head on over to North Side as -GASP- a NEW Squires of Dimness has been posted…!

With horribly busy days on the way I forced myself to get this out ASAP. Of course, this should have been done LAST weekend as it was supposed to be the Halloween comic. But, thankfully, no one’s in costume (unless you count Squire Whyte’s eye bags) so it doesn’t really look as if it falls under any occasion.

This comic came from one of my ideas doodled from my little pocket Moleskine (I’ve become horribly obsessed with them lately). It started with a doodle of Squire Whyte holding a bowl of candy with his blissfully idiotic, if not blank, expression that I can’t help but love drawing on him. After that, the “story” kinda started to write itself.

Squire D finally gets a chance to (sorta) shine in this comic, as well. His character couldn’t get more boring now that he’s been alternating between a newspaper and a book of sudoku puzzles. Here, he reveals a bit of his dark side as well as his weakness for sweets – especially when they’re in the hands of the clumsiest squire.

Towards the end of the comic, I made a last minute change. A particular goth kid originally was going to make an appearance, but, partially due to laziness, I nixed him even after drawing out the panels. If I haven’t mentioned this enough, SoD’s slowly moving away from “being” these guys they’re based on. Squire North as the annoying goth kid, I feel, is tied too closely to the actual Aaron North (as if his last name isn’t, but I’ll get to that later).

I was kind of afraid of the predictability. It’s pretty obvious who’s going to get screwed in the end. But then I think about the Peanuts comics – Charlie Brown’s always gonna miss kicking the football . Of course it’s always about the events in between. SoD isn’t exactly a worthy comparison, but I’m sure you get the point, right?

In other news, head on over to Stickynote Theatre where I’ve submitted, what else, another hot dog on a sticky. There’s a friend and fellow artist who I blame for all this, but until he gets his website up, he’ll remain anonymous. I’m not exactly sure if I’m ashamed of stealing his ideas, but if/when everyone gets sick of my hot dog or sea monkey doodles, blame him for not stopping me. But anyway, head on over there and check out the awesome array of monster stickies and submit a few as well!


3 thoughts on “Thieving Squires and A Flying Hot Dog

  1. Anne Tai says:

    Hehe! Thanks!! I think with a squire like him, no words are needed to express his bumbling bumble…uh..bumblism. Now I’m just making words up….!!

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