Bedside Sketches

One of the things I do to keep my chops up is to have a sketchbook handy wherever I am. And this includes the bedside. Usually I’m too lazy lug myself off the bed to dig out the main sketchbook out of the bag, so I recently began this habit of having designated sketchbooks – one (or two) in my bag, the “main” one scattered in various places (I know, kinda defeats the purpose of being “designated”), and one at the bedside.

Before I hit the sack I try to make it a habit of spending at least ten minutes or so doodling anything – even if it’s the same thing over and over again – just as long as I keep the pencil moving.

I thought it was a good time to finally share a few of these bedside sketches – it was also a good excuse to use my new camera (my sparse readers can expect a few crappy photos in the future). But anyhoo…

The first one pictured here is a redone scene from one of the very first SoDs (minus Whyte) where a not-so-fresh-smelling Squire North decides to torture a fellow squire.

How do you feel?
This one was sort of inspired by one of my friend’s post about one of his hospital visits. If I remember right, he wasn’t feeling all that hot so he wouldn’t be pointing to any of the happy Squire C’s. This almost gives me a few new sticker and comic ideas.

I REALLY try not to draw JUST SoD. So when I’m not drawing them, it’s either this sea monkey fellow or Bom (with whom I shamefully haven’t dedicated much pencil time), or the cursed hot dog. While I still am not able to properly credit the friend who I stole the sea monkey and hot dog character from…I can at least point to one of the guest drawings he’s done on North Side.

Last, but not least, is a sort of parody doodle I did of this Ladytron photo of Mira and Helen (photo shamefully taken from the Ladytron myspace). The “squire-ized” ladies wield puppets instead of puppies – I had this crazy driving force to do it.


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