Random acts of Squireness

Squire North through the ages

Since blogging here makes me feel somewhat productive, head on over to my kinda deserted deviantART page where I’ve updated the journal with a playful “interview” with the Squires, using a questionaire borrowed from a fellow deviantARTist.

In other sorta productive news, I’ve finally convinced myself into INKING a comic. I figured it was about time I put these pens to work after buying them some time ago. I’m still an inking amateur, though. So be gentle with me when I finally post it.

ALSO– Huge thanks to my sparse readers. There may not be a million of you but, believe me, it’s a lot more than I ever imagined having.  Knowing I have some sort of audience is inspiring enough :).


4 thoughts on “Random acts of Squireness

  1. Anne Tai says:

    Oh, they’re definitely better than ultra fine Sharpies and those rollerball Pilots. No feathering and easy to control :). I’d love to try those brush penss one of these days.

    Hehe, expect a few more “evolution” SoD drawings..they’re great blog entry fillers ;)!

  2. brokenwordssymphony says:

    Awww,the interview is so funny!Yeah,please post some more stuff ’bout the squires and I’m still waiting for the physical print,ya know?;)

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