Remixed feelings

Yes…I know that title’s a horrible cliche. Make mine the 349873rd.

Alright. I promised myself I’d NEVER blog about my fangirl rants, but I REALLY wanted to write about this awesome page. This isn’t just some ass-kissery – ok, so it is me being a bit ass-kissy, but I genuinely am loving NIN’s new site.

So how does this act of fangirlism fit into the idea of this blog? Without going off on a tangent, I’ll try to explain in my best English.

In a blurb, if any of you haven’t visited the site (I’d be a bit disappointed if most of you haven’t, seeing as most of the viewers happen to know me from a NIN-related site) it’s basically a community where users can listen to remixes, download remixes, download multitracks to create and share remixes.

Now for more ass-kissing – but I genuinely think this is a wonderful concept. In a sense I find this similar to DO IT at e-flux but in a different media. “Matierials” might seem limited, but like instructional art, outcomes have no limit. And, like e-flux, there’s the “gallery” of creators’ realizations in the form of these remixes where others can listen and download them for free :).
So why am I ranting about this?! It may be new (at least it’s new to me), it may not be new, but I’m loving this idea of a site dedicated to sharing our own versions of a kind of music we all enjoy and being invited to snag these tracks and have fun creating. I’m DYING to try my hand at remixing. Music is a media I’m rather intimidated to mangle with as I truly have no ear for creating any. But, alas, I have yet to update my version of Garage Band. One of these days, and I hope it’s in the near future I’ll hope to upload a few of my own. I’ll keep my mixes’ sexual orientations neutral as well.


2 thoughts on “Remixed feelings

  1. brokenwordssymphony says:

    I would love to visit the site,but i can’t cos my browser is always killing the connection. *whines*

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