Mmm, peppermint cookies

After giving in to a peppermint hot chocolate on a super chilly day, it donned on me that, not only do I LOVE mint and chocolate together, but it’s about time I try baking chocolate chip cookies with pieces of peppermint candy in em’. Mmm, and that task has been bothering me all last week until Friday night. So, with that, let me share my pepperminty n’ chocolately adventure.

First off, I decided to use the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe because it called for half portions and I wasn’t wanting to make huge batches just yet. Also, the consistency is a bit more “solid” – that way I could easily shape and coat the cookies. Second, I had to get my hands on peppermint candies to crush. Since it’s that time of the year candy canes are everywhere and very cheap. While I recently discovered there are peppermint candy pieces made for baking, it was cheaper just to buy a box of candy canes for 99 cents.

Anyway, on with the baking!

Candy canes ready to be destroyed

After mixing up the cookie recipe, I set it aside and prepared the candy canes seen here sitting on wax paper and plastic wrap. I kind of wished I picked plain ol’ red and white canes…but I guess the green makes it more festive.

Demolished candy canes

With a pestle, I smashed em’ good.

Cookies ready for the baking

Instead of mixing the crushed candy directly into the cookie dough, I made small balls of dough (about 2 teaspoons worth) and coated them. This way I can make one batch with candy and one batch without – something for everyone if any of em’ aren’t hot about peppermints in their chocolate chip cookies. Then onto the cookie sheet they went! And THANK GOODNESS for parchment paper – especially when baking with candy.

Delicious confections cooling on a makeshift rack.

About 15 minutes or so later (these cookies’ consistency require a bit more time than the usual 10 minutes) I let them cool on my makeshift cooling racks *cough*toasterovenracks*cough*. And who really lets cookies cool completely? Not me. Though, it wasn’t exactly a smart idea since melty, oozy peppermint candy isn’t as forgiving as melty chocolate chips. The oozy string of peppermint instantly cooled and hardened so I had a pepperminty string hanging from my lip. Other than that, the cookies came out delicious – crunchy n’ chewy, minty n’ chocolately.

The best way to present cookies.

I love presenting homemade cookies in my round tin. Anyway, peppermints make a great addition to any chocolate chip cookie recipe. Pair them with milk, hot chocolate or any other favorite hot beverages. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Mmm, peppermint cookies

  1. mars says:

    ooer! this makes me want to make these lovely cookies (and honestly, one of the best things about christmas is the whole candy cane + chocolate combo. i’m one of those people that stirs candy cane into hot chocolate, so).
    and i never let cookies cool completely either. everyone knows cookies taste the best if you scarf them less than a minute after they’ve been removed from the oven, at least if you ignore the burning sensation. but who cares about that, right?!?

    p.s. the fact you are updating this blog more often makes me happy.

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Mars – cookies straight from the oven are THE BEST! Yummy cookies > burning sensation :). Mint/peppermint and chocolate rule. And thanks, with a trillion blogs out there I’m glad a few at least read mine! I promise to update more often as I’ve thought up of something to organize my blog thoughts :).

    And sophielynette – get baking! You’ll love it.

  3. peas, loaves and understanding says:

    OK, now I’ve finally made my version of peppermint candy cookies! They looked nowhere near as good as yours but they were (are, I’m eating them right now) quite good.

    I couldn’t find any baking soda, but I doubled the amount of baking powder instead (baking soda is more potent than the powder version) and it worked just fine. I finally got the texture I wanted so thanks a lot!

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