Mini Squires #9

Pass the aspirin.Amidst all the hullabaloo going on North Side is the new installment of Squires of Dimness: Mini Squries. And if you haven’t noticed – it’s *gasp* inked! Yes, the first inked SoD. So what compelled me to finally ink these guys?

Mentioned in this previous post, I decided to give these pens some use. The set I bought came in threes, each one varying in line thickness – 01, 03, and 05. This was one of the reasons why I decided to pick up a set. Also, these pens make inking easy to control unlike inky ball-point pens. And, unlike inky ball-point pens the ink doesn’t feather or smear after drying.

The disadvantages I find with these pens are pretty minor, sorta. One disadvantage -and this would probably go with a lot of pens are the overlapping squiggles they leave behind. But with a handy and super simple Photoshop tip from a fellow deviantARTist (adjusting the contrast), squiggles are easily eliminated. And while I have never tried a 08 pen, filling the larger, solid black areas with the 05 was a little tedious. I was always aware of the tedious task of inking, but there has to be a (somewhat) easier way to fill larger areas. That’s when I thought I’d invest in one of their brush pens. Unfortunately, the art supplier I went to was out of stock so I settled for one of these.

In general, I was quite happy with the outcome and I’m quite glad I dove into inking. It’s about time these guys look a little more solid. With the ink, it starts to look a lot more like a comic rather than a bunch of sketchbook doodles. I can assure my sparse readers that future SoDs will be inked…um, ok, maybe just the Mini ones for the time being.

So, as for the content itself – we see Squire D featured as a failed mediator. This idea came from a number of bedside sketches where the arguing parties are always Squire North and Squire C. D attempts to break up the arguments in the hopes of saving and maintaining their brotherly and squirely bonds as well as saving himself from a migraine. It also offers a bit more character development of D, character’s relationships to each other, as well as a suggestion of an unknown history of North’s and C’s little feud. And, like the Totally Huge Panels series, sparse viewers can expect a few more in the future.

Squire D’s been making a lot more appearances lately. I’m thinking it’s partially because of the NINWiki entry explaining D’s rare appearances. It made me feel a little guilty and took it as a wake up call that this guy needs to be drawn more and have a fleshed-out personality. Poor D, he’s getting there…!

On a totally different note – I wanted to suggest another cookie recipe – one I really suggest for those who want to make bigger portions and/or maybe use a recipe without baking powder for chewier cookies. Check out this post from a few months back. It’s one of the other cookie recipes I swear by ;). Enjoy!


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