Not a Holiday Hiatus

Dr. ThornWelp. When I thought I’d be updating at least twice a week, suddenly the holiday duties came. Ah well, such is life. But that doesn’t mean I, as well as my other creative pals haven’t been finding a few minutes to get creative during the rush.

I’m afraid I can’t say there’s been a new comic in the works and I totally forgot that I haven’t even posted an obligatory holiday comic. The SoD haven’t even been twittering much either. But in the meantime I’ve been doodling in my bedside sketchbook, baking cookies, making a few bead bracelets and other things.

And I’ve really been late in the game when it comes to the compatibility of my oh-so-up-to-date version of Photoshop with Leopard (yes, I’m a Mac user). Luckily, that’s been solved.

So while I get my creative juices churning again, my sparse readers, check out my friend’s recipe blog as she’s been updating much more often than I’ve been lately. She’s got some recipes for some holiday treats and soup on the go – so check it out! Besides, the photos she’s got of her cooking results are way better than mine. I’m still all thumbs when it comes to my own camera.


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