Origami: the other bane of my existance

Origami stars

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about my obsession with origami – let alone the acquiring of ridiculous amounts of origami paper (though I’ve been really good lately about not buying them when I don’t need em’ anymore).

We all know how it starts – the traditional crane, the cicada, the samurai hat, the frog, the balloon. And who hasn’t tried to fill a jar with little origami stars? Then I got into getting the Japanese origami books – thankfully the “language” of origami is universal so I had no need for a translator. And thanks to the internet, dozens of diagrams are available…for free!

Two of my favorite origami sites are Oriland and origami.com. Oriland’s got a “university” for those getting into the art of paper folding. They’ve also got a few of their diagrams to try out – for free! Origami.com’s got a HUGE database of diagrams that you can search through by model, level, etc.

Bonsai Box with bead bracelets

The models I favor most are boxes. My favorite is the bonsai box from Oriland – while the preparation folds are simple, it’s the actual “construction” that gets tricky.

ornamental box

Then there’s this “box” (more like an ornament) made from folding four separate pieces of paper, then tucking them together to form a cube. I didn’t follow a diagram with this piece, however. I learned how to fold it by reverse engineering.

Origami dresses

Other models I favor are these from a set to make a girl and dresses for her. I hardly ever fold the actual girl. I mostly fold the dress and her school uniform.

So what do I do with these? I usually like giving them to others shortly after folding as a little token of random kindness. They also make great card decor when making your own as well as something cute and convenient to tuck into letters when the rare moment of snail mail comes along. A bouquet of origami flowers is always fun to make and give as a gift – or, if you’re feeling really industrious they make great party favors.


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