Ah!Welp, if my sparse audience hasn’t noticed yet, North Side is down at the moment (uh, unless I’m late in the game and it’s already been fixed by M -OR- it’s already been fixed and I haven’t updated this blog since this post…). But anyway, confident enough that most of the visitors here actually read the comic, um…I have absolutely NO idea when North Side will be back up – it decided to die at a most inopportune time, actually.

But, fear not. There are alternatives (like my deserted deviantART page). One which I have not thought of yet. I will say I have been working on new stuff to post (where, who knows…). And keep a look out for a new page here chock full o’ Squires of Dimness and other character bios. Yeah…I kind of felt bored enough a little obligated to make a page full of fun facts, short history, trivia (trivia??), gossip (like Squire D’s real day job), and other juicy stuff when I get around to it.

So, mmyep! Drop a comment or two!


4 thoughts on “Whoopsies!

  1. M says:

    GoDaddy sucks and I can barely deal with them at the moment. Can I just let it die and set the Squires with their own new home?

  2. It’s weird how you never miss something until it’s gone! I never go on the forums but suddenly they’re not there and I’m all.. gosh, now what will I do when I’m bored of the internet?

    Please, not deviantart. I can’t explain why, but I hate that place with a passion >< I’d lend you one of my domains, but I think you are much more popular than I, and would crash my bandwidth :p

  3. brokenwordssymphony says:

    yes please,more comics,I’m starting to get withdrawals hehe.I hope you and M find a new home for the squires if North-Side dies(wouldn’t miss the boards,but the blog *ehem*).btw,when I click the link to your deviantart it says your page is gone,is that normal?Oo

  4. Anne Tai says:

    @ M: Aw..but you were able to get the board n’ blog back up! So pretty much, my update’s kinda obsolete until the next annual NS death ;).

    @ Sophielynette: I’m not hot about deviantart either. Which is mostly why mine is dead. Aw, thanks for the offer of space, though :D. Hey man, if it weren’t for NS, my comic wouldn’t get any hits!

    @ adore: I fixed the link. Twas a mistake on my part :D. The SoD have their home back, hehe!

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