Mini Squires #10 and Prospective Projects

Mini Squires #10I was pretty much hesitating to post the latest Mini Squires on North Side only because of the flood of news and photos and what not that’s going on, or about to go on (I’ve actually finished it last weekend). I was also hoping this would be the last comic of 2007. Obviously it turned out to be the first comic of 2008…oh well! Anyway…

I was pretty pumped to use the latest splurge of art supplies when drawing this. Not only did I use a handy Pigma Brush pen, but I also used a light box. After putting it off, I finally got myself a small, simple light box that I found to be the perfect size for drawing these guys. Finally Squire North’s height can stay consistent in each comic, let alone each panel :D!

But anyway, other than the use of the light box and brush pen, there weren’t really any new techniques. The brush pen made inking the larger areas super handy, but I still kept the Pigma Micron pens on hand for the tighter areas and for keeping a blank border to separate areas like sleeves against a whole shirt and hair parts. I’m really glad I took up inking these guys – the toil is pretty much worth it.

As for the subject matter, it’s clearly a continuing series of poor Squire D trying to make it through one day without having to hear loud, angry exchanges between C and North. Like the last Mini Squires, this was roughly sketched in a bedside sketchbook. This time, instead of trying to play the mediator, he deals with the problem with the help of a controlled substance. Oh, I kid. The comics are meant to be as G-rated as possible…just don’t count the comics made before 2007. But anyway…

One of the features I really enjoy drawing are Squire North’s HUGE teeth. If his ever-shrinking height doesn’t make him look childish, then his teeth do. No one ever seems to wonder why I just don’t look up Italian phrases for Squire C when he yells expletives or something really angry. But I’m sure those who read them, as well as myself, find the *angry Italian* and *Italian expletives* funny as they are. If you know Italian, you can fill in the blanks with your own dialogue!

Welp, remember two or three posts ago how I was gonna try my hand at remixing NIN tracks? Let’s just say I couldn’t get past hitting the space bar. I’m just way too overwhelmed! After finally getting myself a system that could handle Logic, I had my mind set on making a bunch of remixes to upload. Well, I did manage to find a few tracks I liked by themselves thinking I could mangle them. I got the hang of separating and cutting tracks but it was the mangling of them I couldn’t quite grasp yet. Oh well. I guess I could just keep pushing buttons as is suggested.


3 thoughts on “Mini Squires #10 and Prospective Projects

  1. Anne Tai says:

    The brush pen is pretty nifty! Ah, how I love new art supplies…

    Haha! You use that term…in real conversations?

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