(f)Art Goals…

…for the next few months:

1. Visit the galleries – seriously, I haven’t visited the SF MOMA in ages and I feel like I should pay my dues. There’s also the de Young museum and small galleries put together by fellow artists/graduates around the city. I feel really horrible for not visiting them when they send out those emails….! And can you believe, all my life living here and I haven’t gone to THIS museum?!

2. Snap photos of this winter’s blooming plum trees and maybe make prints – I used to collect blossoms each year and dry them. But that either got messy or I’d forget I was pressing them in a book. But after taking a few photos with a simple black and white disposable camera, I was really pleased with how some of them came out. Sadly, I couldn’t find anymore of these kinds of disposable cameras. Luckily I finally found out how to take black and white as well as sepia photos with my digital camera. Yeah yeah…I know it’s NOT THAT HARD to discover.

3. Upload some stuff on flickr – I’m usually jealous of folks who have nice flickr photos and little teaser of them on their blogs. I think I’ll get myself to do that as soon as I get Photoshop onto my laptop.

4. Mangle with that remix – Damn it all!

5. Make use of the new art supplies – A flood of new and cool art supplies can be very inspiring and very overwhelming. Maybe I’ll just draw a giant Bom on my wall.

6. Fill up those Moleskines – I swear by those things now. I abuse them as much as I can.

7. Make a gallery of Moleskine sketches – See 3 and 5.

8. Gradually change a few Squires’ names – Squire Thorn?

9. Get the most out of my MacBook in terms of using artsy type applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Logic, Final Cut) – If it’s got it, flaunt it!

10. Update more often


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