Photos are GO!

Plum trees a-blossom

Welp! I’ve finally busted my ass and fixed up my Flickr account. If you haven’t noticed – check out the little feed of photos on the sidebar there. As much as I wanted to have a flash badge instead of just a plain ol’ HTML badge, the code just wouldn’t cooperate, even if it’s just cut and paste. I’m probably missing something here, *sigh*. Ah well, but anyway, please do check out the photos I’ve uploaded so far. Most of them are of the plum trees that are nearby. I’ve finally made peace with my plain ol’ camera and took a few in sepia and black and white. Many of the plum trees are blossoming at this time and I couldn’t pass up the chance to snap a few pics of these pretty trees.

In other activities, I’ve finally visited the Cartoon Art Museum. I can’t say I was wholly impressed as I was expecting a huge collection of old comics and the gallery was pretty small. There were a few pieces featuring Peanuts, Popeye, and Dennis the Menace – but I guess I was expecting a whole floor dedicated to these old greats. I did enjoy the tiny section dedicated to small press (located in the hall leading to the restrooms, hehe!). I probably have to do more research and keep up with the exhibits so I wouldn’t say it would be the last time I’d visit. Small as the museum is, it seriously makes me happy there’s a place in the city dedicated to the art of cartoons.

And I totally forgot that I haven’t posted an obligatory Valentine SoD comic. I’ve been too busy being anti-Valentine’s Day so I guess it slipped my mind! I can guarantee there will be a few Squires surprises sometime in the future, though. So keep an eye out here!

In the meantime, check out my photos, will ya?


2 thoughts on “Photos are GO!

  1. sancha says:

    Hey, I really liked those photos! Are you going to stop being a DJ and become a photographer now?

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Oh dude, I’m gonna be a full time DJ/photographer! I can’t desert my first love. Besides, I can’t find any other occupation where I can wear these stupid goggles outside of water or a science lab!

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