Squires in Time

Check out this clock made by Dusty from her shop class! Some time ago, she asked me permission to use the Inked Squires image for her clock assignment. A while later after granting her permission she got back to me with the finished product. Pretty nifty, huh? Go check it out and leave a kind word, would ya?

In other random doodles, if you haven’t checked my not-very-frequent Flickr feed on the lower-right (or better yet, the Sketchbook Doodles page), check out the new addition. I’ve gone down another fangirl path and drew Helen Marnie of Ladytron as she appears in their Blue Jeans video. I think there’s something about that hair of hers that drove me to draw her. But anyway, it started out as a random doodle as you could probably guess since I started out at the corner. And I just couldn’t leave it as a plain ol’ pencil sketch, so out came the pens!

And…I dunno, but I’m sure two of you out there are wondering why there isn’t a comic to accompany the birthday wishes going on at the North Side. One word – laziness. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any comics in the near future. Just keep an eye out!


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