Squires Mini Blog

Check it out! Right below the category drop-down menu there on the right is a feed I’ve added from another blog I’ve been playing with. I really liked the idea of a Twitterish type of blog, but I had no idea what to do with it. Then I figured, ya know, rather than updating this blog with stupid filler bits like, “Uh, I’m sorta working on something. And I’m sorta cooking ramen. I even added an egg so it’s kind of a recipe”, I could use the other one to post Tweet-like updates concerning the SoD and maybe other artsy stuff. So keep it here and, if anything’s going on, take a look at the feed.

And if you’re really bored enough, you can even head over there to read the full posts that, I hope, aren’t huge paragraphs. Hell, you can even leave comments for those little blurbs.


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