I ain’t afraid of no Squire

I-I've had it with you!So I’ve finally finished and posted Mini Squires #11. Head over to, where else, North Side and check it out!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that this took me quite a while – you’d think anything that takes this long would look kinda decent? But I am happy that I have finished a comic. And I’m not entirely bummed – while the small challenge for me here was drawing Squire Whyte hold his hand out to keep the smaller Squire away from him, I thought it turned out pretty good. Not bad, huh? I can’t say I’m too hot about the way I drew Squire Thorn’s arms, though. After inking, I wished I had drawn actual clawing hands instead of stubby little paws.

Squire Whyte had yet to make an inked appearance. Though, I wished I thought up of a different scenario. I’m certain the two or three of you are pretty sick of the whole “deprive Whyte of his ice cream” deal. But at least here we can see Whyte, probably the most timid of the Squires, actually try to stick up for himself only to lose to an unsuspecting thief. Who are we kidding…we knew he’d lose!

In doodles n’ sketches news, I’ve drawn this mess of a sketch. Ever since discovering that one of my most favorite movies will be having a whole new video game made, I’ve been watching the old cartoons on YouTube. Of course, during the chain of events – and remembering this gem – I tried to imagine what any of the Squires would look like wearing one of the famous jumpsuits and equipped with ghost-busting equipment. I drew Squire Whyte first, probably because he’s the clumsiest. Squire Thorn (North) came next since I figured he’d be best suited in an “action” pose. Squire D and C were drawn later in that order which is pretty much why it looks like Squire Thorn’s pointing the proton gun (or whatever that part is called) at C’s crotch. Don’t pretend you didn’t notice and I’ll pretend I didn’t draw that on purpose. But anyway, this has to be one of my favorite scribbles. Before some of you hard-core Ghostbusters fans get on my case (if there are any who even stop by here? I sure doubt it.) I wasn’t sure which PKE meter to draw D holding – the movie or cartoon version. And don’t get me started on the goggles. I drew this on a whim, ok?! Just point and laugh!

But anyway, time to plug a few fellow doodlers…

I have to urge you to go to friend and fellow artist – Matthew’s blog. He’s the guy who doodled a few Squire North drawings on North Side. He’s finally fired up his own blog with his amazing doodles, sketches, and even animation! Seriously, his stuff’s amazing. He should be embarrassed that I know him.

Also, I’ve been lagging behind on submitting another guest sticky to Stickynote Theatre. Can you believe I have about three UNFINISHED stickies stuck to the inside of my sketchbook? Can you see what’s wrong with this picture? But in the meantime, check out the blog – I seriously can’t stress that enough. And send in some guest stickies too! Tell em’ I sent ya!


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